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Self-Service Password Reset Web Page

You can now change your own password from this elegant Microsoft web page. The domain is BCT-LLC.

Web Site

Self-Service Web Password Change

You can use this web page even if your password is expired. It is no longer necessary to call us to have your password reset. You can only use this webpage one time every 24 hours. Your Active Directory paassword is used for all of our systems. Contact us if you have any questions or problems after trying this self-service page. Additional details on password standards and expirations is provided below.

Password Information

Your password is your unique key to all BCT information systems. Always protect your password. Never share your account or disclose your password to anyone. We will NEVER ask you for your password, although we may have to reset it in order to assist you with a service request. Do not store your password on any other Internet service such as Google, Comcast, Verizon, Hotmail; these systems do not meet our security standards and are frequently compromised. If your account were to be compromised, it will provide an open door to foreign intelligence agencies and cyber forces who are continually probing our systems for an entry.


Send password reset requests or any any other support need to:

Email support@bct-llc.com

Support is available 24x7 including weekends and holidays.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you run into a problem. Unlike a fine wine, IT problems do not improve with age.

Password Expiration and Currency

Passwords automatically expire every 6 months. We operate an email notification system. You should receive automated daily expiration notifications for 30 days prior to your password expiration. If you don't see these check your Junk Mail folder and designate these as Not Junk so they won't be filtered in the future.

You can also keep track of your password expirations by setting a calendar reminder. For example if your password was changed on March 15, you know it will expire on September 15.

Password Age. Microsoft's password policies require that a password be retained for at least 24 hours following each change. If you have us reset your password, that counts as a change and you must wait 24 hours before the system will allow you to change it again.

Password Standards

The complexity standards are built into Microsoft's Active Directory system and implement Federal and commericial best practices. They applied to all new password. An acceptable password:

  • is at least 7 characters;
  • has not been used in the previous 24 passwords;
  • does not contain your account or full name;
  • contains at least three of the following four character groups: English uppercase characters (A through Z); English lowercase characters (a through z); Numerals (0 through 9); Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %)

Microsoft's password complexity standards are built into Microsoft Windows servers including Active Directory and Exchange. They were put in place as a defense against the predominant method of intrusions into computer information systems, automated password cracking. The complexity is a necessary part of our system security, since a single compromised user account can be levereged to compromise our entire enterprise.

A Note on Active Directory Propagation

Our servers are located at multiple company sites, including Annapolis Junction and New Market Maryland. The Terminal Server described in these instructons is located in Annapolis Junction, but our Unanet timesheet system is located with our Accounting Team in New Market. Each site has its own Active Directory servers. It is normal for Active Directory changes such as password resets to take a few hours to propagate between the sites, so you may not see your new password take effect immediately.

Guest Accounts

Under Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) as they apply to Government contractors, shared accounts such as generic Guest accounts are not permitted. Sponsored guest users can be provided a temporary personal account for access to appropriate resources. Requests should be sent to Myron Cramer and should include the users full legal name (First MI Last), company affiliations, and contact information including email address, phone number, or other information. They must agree to follow our usage policies.

Federal Requirements

As a Defense contractor, BCT is required to follow Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

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