Support - Remote Desktop
Remote desktop services provide convenient remote access to our Windows infrastructure.

Remote Desktop Services

The preferred method of remote services is through our Remote Desktop servers. Compared with other methods, the Remote Desktop provides remote users with an identical desktop experience to what they would experience on a workstation connected to the internal company network. There are two alternative methods of accessing Remote Desktop services, our High-Port Firewall Rules, or our Remote Desktop Gateway.

These methods cannot be combined. Choose one or the other.

High-Port Firewall Rules

Open your Remote Desktop Connection Client application and use the information on this table to connect to the Remote Desktop server of your choice.

Login with your DOMAIN\user name in the BCT-LLC\f.last format. Note that your MUST include the BCT-LLC domain preix since the login uses Windows authentication which must specify the domain. Your login will fail if you try it without the domain.

Internal ServerExternal Server and Port Operating System
Installed Applications 2016/Windows 10
Office 2016, Visio 2016, Project 2016

For example, to open a Remote Desktop Connection to host RD1, enter as the host and your DOMAIN\user name as shown below.

RD Connection

Remote Desktop Gateway

The Remote Desktop Gateway service authenticates and proxies connections from authorized users to computers on an internal corporate network from any remote computer with an Internet connection. Over the Internet, the Remote Desktop Gateway uses only the normal port 443 used by secure websites.

  1. Open your Remote Desktop Connection client on your workstation.
  2. Click Options, click the Advanced tab, and then, under Connect from anywhere, click Settings.

  3. RD Gateway

  4. Select Use these RD Gateway server settings, and then enter as the server name and Ask for password (NTLM) as your Login method,

  5. RD Gateway

  6. On the General tab, enter or other host listed above as the computer name, and your User name in the BCT-LLC\f.last format. The domain is required; your connector will fail without it.

  7. RD Gateway

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